Through successful product innovation, Kiesel is now well equipped for the future. In addition to establishing and extending the Okatmos product rage in the floor adhesive industry, we have also achieved sinificant successes ina a variety of other areas. A prime example is the introduction of the new SuperTec generation of tile adhesives. The advantages of the SuperTec generation are achieved by the mineral components with a nano-structured form, combined with a new generation of plastic coating. The result of these advancements is a significantly improved fine mortar, characterized by high stability and an outstanding yield.

Kiesel has always been highly engaged in continuously perfecting the product standard. Over the last few years, our analytical chemists and engineers have been focused on developing solutions for issues and development options in the construction chemistry area. Okapox Designer Grout is a great example of this, which was specially formulated for laying glass mosaics. We also introduced Servoperl, an innovative water and dirt-repelling fine grout that enhances the appearance of high-quality coverings with a smooth and fine surface of the grout material achieve a ".pearl effect". With an extensive and versatile selection of colours, this product offers many design options.

Extraordinary ideas require innovative solutions. A real milestone was achieved with the introduction of the ServoArt® products. Initially, the main focus of ServoArt® was on producing a creative wall filler. This was the first product to give processing companies the possibility of directly designing the surface of objects. The first step by the manufacturer, which took place in the "subsurface", led to a range of products for surfaces. The ServoArt® product range was extended in 2009, when the ServoArt® CeFlo product was introduced. We have succeeded in implementing jointless and individual design concepts with this new fashionable floor. The variety of different processing and colour variants has put us in a position to make each floor unique.