The basis for top quality and long-lasting tile and natural stone work: The subsurface preparation  
Click here for effective subsurface repair.  
Fast and reliable. Create a uniform and load bearing substrates using patching and self levelling compounds 
In this section you will find extremely light and quick setting screed systems. 
Reliable waterproofing system tested and complying with Kiesel products 
The right products for any installation requirements. 
Elegance and long-lasting protection for the most stringent requirements. 
Are you looking for commercial and residential, chemical-resistant mortar? You will find it here.  
Come into our "Natural Stone World". 
Sound deadening at its finest with additional uncoupling properties at minimum height restrictions 
Cleaners and special products for special requirements. 


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All Kiesel highlights at a glance:

  • Mobile product database for the construction site
  • After installation, all data is also available without the internet access
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Display of the technical data by scanned EAN-code of the product
  • Product group overview for the relevant areas of application
  • Technical hotline connection for technical questions

Grout coverage calculator


Using the grout coverage calculator you can easily and quickly calculate necessary coverage on various Kiesel grouts.