16. 01. 2017 User-friendly two-component system - New renovation tool Okapol SH for daily use on site

Munich/Esslingen. With Okapol SH, Kiesel Bauchemie is bringing a new two-component silicate casting resin for the strong closure of joints and cracks to the screed and concert market. The product system is ideally suited for skilled craftsmen such as tile, floor and parquet installers or interior decorators, who have to repair or fill concrete screeds or screed cracks in their daily work. The versatile renovation resin scores highly due to its simple handling and high user-friendliness: Thanks to the practical 300mm plastic container and the simple mixing ratio of 1:1, the two components can easily be cast together and homogenised within a few seconds on the construction site. This makes Okapol SH ready to use in no time.

16. 01. 2017 Cooperation with Future-Shape - Kiesel is part of the interactive floor of the future

Munich/Esslingen. Kiesel Bauchemie is a project partner of the high tech company Future-Shape based in Höhenkirchen near Munich. Both companies work closely together to test and coordinate their products. As a result, a skilled craftsman can also reliably fitting the SensFloor system, which is equipped with a large area of sensors. In the age of the ‘Smart Home’ and the ‘Internet of Things’, intelligent floors, which respond to certain events such as a person falling in a retirement or nursing homes, are indispensable.

16. 01. 2017 Kiesel celebrates 30 years of Bakit - The success story of the premium parquet installation system continues

Munich/Esslingen. At the BAU 2017, Kiesel Bauchemie is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Bakit parquet installation system. As of January, the Kiesel Bauchemie, a construction chemistry specialist, will be offering a specially selected product from the Bakit family as a "product of the month" at discounted rates. In addition, Kiesel does not rest on its historic laurels, introducing two Bakit innovations in Munich: the one-component polyurethane adhesive Bakit PU-1K for use on critical wood and parquet types and the natural raw material based wood floor oil Bakit HO plus. Here, Kiesel also shows why the company succeeded in firmly establishing the Bakit series in the market and bringing it to success in only a few years: In line with the goal of a sustainable environment and human health, both innovations contain no solvents.

16. 01. 2017 Family business model of success - yellow stays yellow - Long-term thinking ensures quality, reliability and innovation

Munich/Esslingen. The tendency toward large corporations does not stop with the construction chemistry industry, as recent takeovers and mergers in the industry have shown. However, they do not diminish the chances of owner-run family businesses such as Kiesel, which has continuously developed new markets and is now present overseas, for example in Canada or New Zealand. Because neither shareholder value nor quarterly reports dominate the strategy, the activities of the Esslingen-based construction chemistry specialists are long-term. This is not only reflected in the customer relationships, where reliability and other traditional values are important above all, but also in the volume, which is immediately reinvested in the development of new products. Kiesel is one of the most innovative companies in the field of construction chemistry. One of the reasons for this are the numerous product releases with which the company is bringing to BAU 2017 in Munich.

16. 01. 2017 New Kiesel self-levelling compound line - Multi-use innovation Servoplan Ki 1 for absolutely leveled surfaces

Munich/Esslingen. With Servoplan Ki 1, Kiesel Bauchemie is launching a new self-levelling compound line that sets standards in terms of efficiency and ecology. The main advantage of the light grey construction material presented for the first time at the BAU of the professional world: It allows tile layers, flooring installers, painters and all other specialist craftsmen to smooth homogeneous surfaces and balance unevenness. This makes Servoplan Ki 1 the ideal levelling compound for all floor coverings with low material thickness. At the same time, this is a very good choice for layer thicknesses from 1 to 20mm under ceramic tiles, concrete block and natural stone. Not only does it shine with very fast drying times, but it also has top EMICODE marks: The new cement-bonded, acrylic based compound is considered to have "very low-emissions" according to EC1 plus.

16. 01. 2017 Okatmos star 100 Plus with hard adhesive - Universal adhesive for PVC, CV, rubber and LVT

Munich/Esslingen. With Okatmos star 100 Plus, Kiesel Bauchemie is heavily involved in the market for flooring adhesives. The special highlight: The innovation from Esslingen not only provides an extraordinarily high adhesive strength, but can also be used universally for wet bed and hard adhesion as well as in the contact process (double-drop). Thanks to the unique combination of a short airing time and a long working time, it is qualified for a wide range of types of floor coverings and lining materials. The range of application for the white cream Kiesel product ranges from PVC, CV and vinyl (whether as a strip or tile ware) to rubber and linoleum, to textile floor coverings. In

11. 07. 2011 Kiesel treibt Internationalisierung voran - Neues Zentrallager in Österreich

Die Kiesel Bauchemie GmbH u. Co. KG setzt mit dem Einzug in das neue Zentrallager in Enns bei Linz ihr starkes Wachstum in Österreich fort.

Durch die Kooperation mit dem Logistikspezialisten Quehenberger Logistics ist für Kiesel ein flächendeckendes Distributionsnetz entstanden.

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