Fillers and repair compounds


  Properties and usageThicknessready for foot trafficready for installationcement basefast setting
Details Premium patching and skim coating compound
ServoFine F 333
0-25 mm after 30 minutes after 1 - 1.5 hours X
Details Premium fast setting self leveling compound
Servoplan S 111
1-40 mm 1 hour from 24 hours X
Details Self-leveling compound
Servoplan P 200 Plus
1-30 mm 2 hours after 12 hours X

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Repair compounds

Cement based, very low emission fill and patching compound with high polymer content for leveling steps, pedestals, holes and cracks and larger uneven areas of any thickness in ...
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Cementitious, polymer modified universal self-levelling compound with good flowing characteristics for levelling substrates up to 10 mm thickness before resilient and textile ...
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