Customer proximity

As an intra-regional provider it is important for us to provide our services on site. We look after customers in the north of Germany from our Tangermünde branch. Our customers in the north-west are looked after from our Hille location. Other advisory and sales centres can be found in Switzerland, France, Holland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Asia.


Our field service, office and application technology areas are always there for our customers. Reliable information is provided by experienced practicians on site and over the phone. The Think Tank in Esslingen-Berkheim one of the services that we provide. Here our customers can find out everything about our products and other interesting topics to do with construction.


The rapid implementation of new knowledge from the raw materials industry, taking processing company requirements into consideration, is made possible extremely quickly because of close collaboration between the application engineering and development areas. "From the construction site to the laboratory table" is both our motto and our success. Our products are at the latest scientific state because of our monitoring and development system.


We can only meet the considerable demands that are made of quality if we use state-of-the-art production methods. Rational, computer-controlled and monitored manufacturing and filling systems and continuous quality control by our employees are the guarantee of maximum quality for our customers.


We encourage young artists and make suggestions to the vocational groups that we supply as to how they can add artistic value to their work. Some of the highlights were the tile installation of Reinmar Senftleben, the design of the water tower in Lichtenwald/Thomashardt by artists Angie and Rene Heinze and the work on the subject of "Art and parquet flooring".