Environmentally friendly quality of life

One of our most well-known developments in this area is the "Okatmos" laying system. It is based on inorganic active substances that are non-toxic to humans, which have been tested in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry and provide long-term protection from the growth of bacteria and mould. Because of this progress we have managed to stop polluting the air in living rooms, and have therefore improved the user's quality of life considerably. Property developers can be confident that complaints about smells and potential rent reductions are a thing of the past, meaning that their income is protected.

During the development of new products, as well as wanting product quality and easy and reliable processing, an increasing amount of attention is being paid to the person doing the laying. For this reason, criteria such as the eco-friendliness and compatibility of the substances that are used are becoming increasingly important factors in the field of research and development within our company. We have succeeded in almost completely eliminating adhesives containing solvent from the product range Within the scope of endeavouring to develop layer-friendly products, we have produced low-dust tile adhesives and fillers that can prevent the majority of soiling on construction sites. We also have a simple solution for reducing dust for our other powder products: the majority of dust is produced when the adhesive is being mixed and stirred on the construction site. In this case assistance is provided by our new "Kiesel Benni" vacuum system.