The Kiesel Studio

Over the last few years we have not just driven forward new developments, but we have also combined new technical developments with new marketing ideas. The Kiesel Studio that was set up in 2007 has put us in a position to present our latest innovations in a unique environment. Okapox designer joints, Okacolor, Servoperl and our ServoArt® product range are in the right framework here.

Designing rooms means creating harmony

This means putting colour, material, light and structure in context in order to give a room its identity. The Kiesel Studio makes it possible to experiment with materials, surfaces, colours and light. This where coverings made from ceramic, natural stone and parquet come together with ServoArt® and ServoArt® CeFlo surfaces - an interesting interaction between many different materials with an impressive effect. Examine the effect of the ServoArt® effects with their different surface finishes* and convince yourself of the individuality of the ServoArt® CeFlo joint-free fashionable floor. Let us show you how your personal space can be designed using our CAD system, and how the interaction of different materials can be put to the best use within your own four walls.


  • Material sample of ServoArt® colours with different application techniques and surface effects
  • A large ServoArt® CeFlo surface in slate colour and small material samples in different colour shades.
  • Material samples of the joint sealers, Material samples of different coverings made from ceramic and natural stone
  • Material samples of parquet flooring and textile and flexible floor coverings, sound system with invisible speakers.
  • CAD workstation