Cementitious and epoxy based grouts

  Properties and usagemax. joint widthinteriorexteriorflexibleearthenwarestonewareNatural Stoneporcelain
Details Flexible, water and dirt-repellent grout
Servoperl royal
10 mm X X X X (X) limited (X) limited (X) limited
Details Fast-setting, flexible, water and dirt repellent grout
Servoperl royal schnell
10 mm X X X (X) limited X X X
Details Fast setting high resistance grout
Servofix HBF SuperTec
15 mm X X (X) possible X X
Details Universal flexible sanded grout
Servoflex F
25 mm X X X (X) possible X X X
Details Accelerator for 2-compenent epoxy resin systems
Okapox Accelerator

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