16.01.2017 08:45 Age: 3 yrs
New Kiesel self-levelling compound line - Multi-use innovation Servoplan Ki 1 for absolutely leveled surfaces

Munich/Esslingen. With Servoplan Ki 1, Kiesel Bauchemie is launching a new self-levelling compound line that sets standards in terms of efficiency and ecology. The main advantage of the light grey construction material presented for the first time at the BAU of the professional world: It allows tile layers, flooring installers, painters and all other specialist craftsmen to smooth homogeneous surfaces and balance unevenness. This makes Servoplan Ki 1 the ideal levelling compound for all floor coverings with low material thickness. At the same time, this is a very good choice for layer thicknesses from 1 to 20mm under ceramic tiles, concrete block and natural stone. Not only does it shine with very fast drying times, but it also has top EMICODE marks: The new cement-bonded, acrylic based compound is considered to have "very low-emissions" according to EC1 plus.

“Modern construction with windows reaching down to the floor and coverings with a thickness of just 2mm, poses very special challenges. In this case, the inevitable incident of streaking light immediately shows if the floor is not installed one hundred percent uniformly." Ulrich Lauser, head of technical marketing and application engineering for Kiesel Bauchemie in Esslingen, highlights an aspect which was important during the development of the new universal self-levelling compound Servoplan Ki 1. They were concerned with creating an all-round innovation for trowel work and levelling installation floors, which facilitates the creation of very smooth, absolutely plane surfaces. With the new Kiesel product, the skilled craftsman is optimally equipped for situations like those described above. The fine structure of Servoplan Ki 1 ensures perfect flow properties. In this way, even surfaces can be realised in all respects, which the user can optimally prepare for the later absorption of the most diverse types of coatings. Apart from textile and elastic floor coatings as well as parquet, the spectrum also includes ceramic tiles, concrete work and natural stone. Without any additives, the levelling compound can be used for layer thicknesses between 1 and 20mm. In layer thicknesses of up to 10mm it is also suitable for cast asphalt screeds of hardness class IC10. If increased tensile and flexural tensile strengths are required, the user simply mixes silica reinforcing fibres into the material.


With Servoplan Ki 1, the skilled craftsman can work very efficiently. With a consumption of 1.4kg per square metre, the new universal self-levelling compound proves to be extremely productive. At the same time, the Kiesel product is convincing by a generously dimensioned processing time window of 30 minutes and rapid drying. Particularly impressive: the material's speedy readiness for coating. For layer thicknesses of between 1 and 10mm, the user can begin the next stage after only twelve hours. For an application of between 10 and 20mm, the waiting time is only 24 hours. Even if parquet is to be installed, the cement-bonded, acrylic based levelling compound has very good waiting values: The parquet can start to be laid only 30 hours after the levelling work. The pumping capability of the multi-use innovation provides additional efficiency: For example, the self-levelling filler compound can be applied onto large surfaces by machine, in a time-saving and rational manner. For large-scale projects, Kiesel Bauchemie supports users with their own pumping service on site.


The awarded EMICODE seal of quality EC1 plus shows that Servoplan Ki 1 has "very low-emissions" and confirms that the new Kiesel premium product meets the highest demands in terms of residential hygiene and sustainability.




Kiesel Bauchemie GmbH u. Co. KG is one of the technological leaders in the German construction chemistry industry. The product portfolio includes levelling compounds, dispersion adhesives for the installation of elastic and textile floor coverings. Materials for the installation of parquet as well as premium mortars for the installation of ceramic, large format and natural stone tiles. With the motto “Kiesel sticks to construction", the family company underpins its aspiration to be a reliable partner for the construction industry. Since 1959, its innovative and environmentally conscious products not only offer professional and specialised trade with thought-out and safe solutions, but also comprehensive technical service. Kiesel Bauchemie has a total of 160 employees. The headquarters of the company is Esslingen am Neckar near Stuttgart. The northeast German market is covered by a subsidiary in Tangermünde (Saxony-Anhalt). Subsidiaries in the Benelux countries, France, the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland as well as numerous consulting and sales centres in Europe (including Russia), Asia, North America and Oceania provide for an international presence.