16.01.2017 08:44 Age: 3 yrs
Okatmos star 100 Plus with hard adhesive - Universal adhesive for PVC, CV, rubber and LVT

Munich/Esslingen. With Okatmos star 100 Plus, Kiesel Bauchemie is heavily involved in the market for flooring adhesives. The special highlight: The innovation from Esslingen not only provides an extraordinarily high adhesive strength, but can also be used universally for wet bed and hard adhesion as well as in the contact process (double-drop). Thanks to the unique combination of a short airing time and a long working time, it is qualified for a wide range of types of floor coverings and lining materials. The range of application for the white cream Kiesel product ranges from PVC, CV and vinyl (whether as a strip or tile ware) to rubber and linoleum, to textile floor coverings. In

The name of Okatmos star 100 Plus also denotes its application. The wet bed and pressure sensitive adhesives, presented for the first time at the BAU in Munich with completely new formulation, means that Kiesel is the top product with at least five stars in every respect, guaranteeing the highest degree of application security and flexibility to the user. For example, the floor installer, interior decorator, painter or observer can use the new multi-functional innovation from Esslingen for the laying of homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC, CV, rubber and the strongly growing LVT or design coverings of up to 4.0mm thickness. Okatmos star 100 Plus is also suitable for the gluing of linoleum up to 3.2mm thickness and textile coverings with PVC, latex or PUR foam backs. If necessary, even wall coverings can be safely and stably "assembled" with the product. In this case, the innovation is an integral feature that distinguishes it from many other flooring adhesives: Okatmos star 100 Plus can be used by the relevant specialist not only in the wet bed process, but also as an adhesive or contact adhesive (double-drop). For hard bonding, a huge open time buffer of 50 to 120 minutes is available. Thanks to this extremely long, user-friendly time window, there is sufficient room for the floor coverings to be safely inserted with still optimal adhesive values of Okatmos star 100 Plus. Ideally, the new Kiesel adhesive thus combines a short air release with a long working time. The user benefits from a generous installation time window, which allows him to plan very efficiently for his work and even allows the realisation of large areas with a small staff.

The versatility and user friendliness of Okatmos star 100 Plus is not yet exhausted. The Kiesel innovation can be used on absorbent as well as on dense, non-absorbent substrates. Practical tests have shown that the product even fulfils its perfect properties under adverse conditions. Parallel to the range of applications already described, the innovation can even be used as a sealing compound. Its adhesive range is similar to the current MS hybrid seals. With very high peel values that exceed the standard requirement significantly, a low volume reduction and a high yield, the new Kiesel premium product has further advantages that offer the user a very high degree of safety and efficiency even under the most difficult conditions.

Like all Kiesel building materials from the Okatmos product range, this innovation is proving to be exemplary with regard to ecology and a healthy indoor climate. All materials that belong to this name are classified according to the EMICODE rating. This also applies to Okatmos star 100 Plus: The new solvent-free wet bed and pressure-sensitive adhesive is certified according to EC1 plus as "very low-emission". This even surpasses the requirements of the environmental label "Blue Angel" RAL ZU 113.

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