16.01.2017 09:43 Age: 3 yrs
Family business model of success - yellow stays yellow - Long-term thinking ensures quality, reliability and innovation

Munich/Esslingen. The tendency toward large corporations does not stop with the construction chemistry industry, as recent takeovers and mergers in the industry have shown. However, they do not diminish the chances of owner-run family businesses such as Kiesel, which has continuously developed new markets and is now present overseas, for example in Canada or New Zealand. Because neither shareholder value nor quarterly reports dominate the strategy, the activities of the Esslingen-based construction chemistry specialists are long-term. This is not only reflected in the customer relationships, where reliability and other traditional values are important above all, but also in the volume, which is immediately reinvested in the development of new products. Kiesel is one of the most innovative companies in the field of construction chemistry. One of the reasons for this are the numerous product releases with which the company is bringing to BAU 2017 in Munich.

Family businesses are the backbone of the German economy. Their business is not primarily focused on pure revenue and profit growth, but is highly committed to traditional standards such as quality, sustainability, customer loyalty and social responsibility. This also applies to medium-sized businesses such as Kiesel Bauchemie, which wants to score points against the big corporations and the structures dominated by them in the market. "This is a great opportunity for us. As an owner-managed business, we offer our employees and customers reliability and above all a long-term partnership,” explains Wolfgang Kiesel, owner and managing partner of Kiesel, who optimistically meets new challenges. In addition, his company is optimally equipped for the future, according to the 70 year old, under whose direction the company acquired an excellent name in the construction chemistry industry: "With my daughter Beatrice Kiesel-Luik, the third family generation has now been integrated into the management. This not only underlines our cross-generational thinking but also our self-image as a family business.”

Beatrice Kiesel-Luik, who has also been managing director since the end of 2014, brings a further idea into play, which distinguishes Kiesel from large corporations: "The structure of our company creates short communication channels. Due to the close networking with our customers, we always have an insight into the pulse of the market and in this way we are able to respond to individual wishes as well as to better assess upcoming trends.” This is a real unique feature, which has also gained Kiesel a lot of recognition in the market. At the same time, she points to other trump cards Kiesel has. For example, she highlights the great potential for innovation that can be found at Kiesel: "We have been and continue to be pioneers in many technical developments, particularly in current issues such as residential hygiene and sustainability. This will certainly continue to be the case in the future.” In principle, Kiesel has the aspiration to be up-to-date with all products and thus to supply the customers with the very highest quality. This is precisely where Wolfgang Kiesel sees another decisive advantage for his company: “Kiesel is and remains a quality provider. For us, the high quality, reliability and innovative power of our products are the first priority. We refuse to accept a competition which is defined solely by price or bonuses. This does not meet our standards. It is important to us that all our customers can rely on our company and its products at any time."

Accordingly, the clear message from Wolfgang Kiesel is: “Kiesel stays Kiesel. This applies to the structures of our company as well as to our products and our strategy. This will be clearly visible in our corporate colour: When you see the yellow glow of Kiesel, it combines the decisive characteristics of our company and one knows what is behind this packaging. We would like to emphasise this uniqueness in the future.” Beatrice Kiesel-Luik seconded her father: “Yellow stays yellow. This is our future vision. We remain a company that is literally at home in the market. We live for and through our customers and therefore offer them only solutions and products, of which we are fully convinced.”

Kiesel Bauchemie GmbH u. Co. KG is one of the technological leaders in the German construction chemistry industry. The product portfolio includes levelling compounds, dispersion adhesives for the installation of elastic and textile floor coverings. Materials for the installation of parquet as well as premium mortars for the installation of ceramic tiles, large format and natural stone tiles. With the motto “Kiesel sticks to construction", the family company underpins its aspiration to be a reliable partner for the construction industry. Since 1959, its innovative and environmentally conscious products not only offer professional and specialised trade with thought-out and safe solutions, but also comprehensive technical service. Kiesel Bauchemie has a total of 160 employees. The headquarters of the company is Esslingen am Neckar near Stuttgart. The northeast German market is covered by a subsidiary in Tangermünde (Saxony-Anhalt). Subsidiaries in the Benelux countries, France, the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland as well as numerous consulting and sales centres in Europe (including Russia), Asia, North America and Oceania provide for an international presence.