16.01.2017 12:57 Age: 3 yrs
User-friendly two-component system - New renovation tool Okapol SH for daily use on site

Munich/Esslingen. With Okapol SH, Kiesel Bauchemie is bringing a new two-component silicate casting resin for the strong closure of joints and cracks to the screed and concert market. The product system is ideally suited for skilled craftsmen such as tile, floor and parquet installers or interior decorators, who have to repair or fill concrete screeds or screed cracks in their daily work. The versatile renovation resin scores highly due to its simple handling and high user-friendliness: Thanks to the practical 300mm plastic container and the simple mixing ratio of 1:1, the two components can easily be cast together and homogenised within a few seconds on the construction site. This makes Okapol SH ready to use in no time.

“Time is money. That is why we have taken particular care to ensure that the two components can be mixed quickly and without any problems and that the user has as little effort as possible during the work preparation,” says Ulrich Lauser, head of technical marketing and application engineering at Kiesel Bauchemie in Esslingen. This means that the specialist in the field construction chemistry meets the needs of many customers, since in practice it has been shown that products from two or more components encounter many obstacles in everyday use by the skilled craftsman if their application appears to be too complex in construction site use. This is definitely not the case with Okapol SH. With the new renovation resin for the strong closing joints and cracks, the mixing of the two-component system can be carried out in an easy and absolutely fault-free manner. The two components are delivered in separate plastic vials (component A is transparent, component B is brown) and the user simply completes the product by filling the containers. The mixture is then shaken until a homogeneous colour tone is obtained after 15 seconds. This signals: Okapol SH is now ready for use.

The special feature of the new silica casting resin lies not only in its simple handling, but also in its extraordinary user-friendliness. For example, the specific recipe of Okapol SH allows a lot of room for the individual needs of the user. Instead of constantly consuming an entire container, one can mix together batches suitable for the application in a volume ratio of 1:1 at any time. At the same time, the product is designed for a broad range of applications. With Okapol SH the skilled craftsman can work completely and variably depending on the task: In the first period after the mixing, the renovation resin is still a thin liquid. This makes it ideal for closing small cracks and joints. After about four minutes, the resin begins to become thicker. In its pasty form, it can now fill wider cracks and joints. With the aid of the suitable toothed trowel, even angle rails, nailing rails and profiles can be glued with Okapol SH. In addition, the skilled craftsman can use the new Kiesel product to fill hollow spaces below parquet.

Okapol SH cures completely extremely quickly (within 24 hours), thus enabling the rapid continuation of work. The renovation resin fulfils all environmental and sustainability requirements: It is solvent-free, low-odour and classified as "very low-emission" according to EMICODE EC1 plus.

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