16.01.2017 11:42 Age: 3 yrs
Cooperation with Future-Shape - Kiesel is part of the interactive floor of the future

Munich/Esslingen. Kiesel Bauchemie is a project partner of the high tech company Future-Shape based in Höhenkirchen near Munich. Both companies work closely together to test and coordinate their products. As a result, a skilled craftsman can also reliably fitting the SensFloor system, which is equipped with a large area of sensors. In the age of the ‘Smart Home’ and the ‘Internet of Things’, intelligent floors, which respond to certain events such as a person falling in a retirement or nursing homes, are indispensable.

The SensFloor mat is just two to three millimetres thick. At the same time it is intelligent because it consists of small fields, which are equipped with fine sensors. Steps on the floor produce electrical signals which are emitted to a receiver and are clearly recognised as such. If a person falls on this floor, the sensors supply data based on capacitive measurements which are completely different from those in steps: An alarm is triggered and help is provided for the fallen person. In this way it is already possible to improve the care of those affected in retirement homes and nursing homes with little effort. Disabled people can also benefit from the innovative system and live more autonomously, for example, when sliding doors open automatically or when the orientation light comes on by itself, triggered by the corresponding impulses in the floor. In addition, the new technology can make everyday life more comfortable in the office or at home. At the same time, the sensors installed in the floor are suitable for building alarms. This is only a small selection of the application possibilities, which are sure to become used and are conceivable thanks to SensFloor.

As part of its project partnership with Future-Shape, Kiesel Bauchemie is participating in the development and realisation of further applications of the innovative technology, thereby contributing to the intelligent floor of the future. In this way, the Esslingen-based construction chemistry specialist delivers suitable and optimally coordinated fitting materials for the SensFloor mat which is delivered as a tracked material. For the integration of the new Future-Shape technology into the floor, all components have to work together in every respect. For example, while the tiles are being installed, the SensFloor underlay should be placed between the prepared substrate and the tile adhesive. Kiesel recommends the use of the primer Okapox GF and the self-levelling compound Servofix FG to enable the interactive floor to function perfectly afterwards. Then the SensFloor material is attached using the dry adhesive D-Tack Extra-Lay. This is followed by a further step in which the fitting company completes the installation of the new technology: the bonding of the SensFloor mat and the Kiesel decoupling mat or Kiesel sealing tape. Again, this is again done with dry adhesive.

Due to the complex structure of SensFloor, the skilled craftsman should adhere to the exact design of the respective recommended construction. Water containing mineral products should under no circumstance be worked with on the product equipped with current sensor technology. Whenever tiles are to be laid in connection with the new technology, Kiesel recommends the use of products from the Okapox series, such as the tried and tested Okapox F/K tile adhesive. After completion of the work, the complex structure and the SensFloor underlay disappear under a high tech equipped tile floor.

It is of course also possible to use elastic and textile floor coverings in conjunction with SensFloor. Kiesel guarantees the optimal system configuration with the premium products of the Okatmos series: Okatmos star 110 and Linoleum Okatmos star 600 is most suitable under design coverings; in the case of PVC sheeting Kiesel recommends the use of Okatmos star 100 Plus. Even parquet can act as an interactive floor: In such a case, the parquet layer can reliably use Bakit PU-P.

With the innovative construction systems for interactive floors, Kiesel is laying the foundation for a start in the future of construction chemistry. This means that the company is in line with its motto: "right in the middle and forefront."

Kiesel Bauchemie GmbH u. Co. KG is one of the technological leaders in the German construction chemistry industry. The product portfolio includes levelling compounds, dispersion adhesives for the installation of elastic and textile floor coverings. Materials for the installation of parquet as well as premium mortars for the installation of ceramic, large format and natural stone tiles. With the motto “Kiesel sticks to construction", the family company underpins its aspiration to be a reliable partner for the construction industry. Since 1959, its innovative and environmentally conscious products not only offer professional and specialised trade with thought-out and safe solutions, but also comprehensive technical service. Kiesel Bauchemie has a total of 160 employees. The headquarters of the company is Esslingen am Neckar near Stuttgart. The northeast German market is covered by a subsidiary in Tangermünde (Saxony-Anhalt). Subsidiaries in the Benelux countries, France, the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland as well as numerous consulting and sales centres in Europe (including Russia), Asia, North America and Oceania provide for an international presence.