16.01.2017 11:39 Age: 3 yrs
Kiesel celebrates 30 years of Bakit - The success story of the premium parquet installation system continues

Munich/Esslingen. At the BAU 2017, Kiesel Bauchemie is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Bakit parquet installation system. As of January, the Kiesel Bauchemie, a construction chemistry specialist, will be offering a specially selected product from the Bakit family as a "product of the month" at discounted rates. In addition, Kiesel does not rest on its historic laurels, introducing two Bakit innovations in Munich: the one-component polyurethane adhesive Bakit PU-1K for use on critical wood and parquet types and the natural raw material based wood floor oil Bakit HO plus. Here, Kiesel also shows why the company succeeded in firmly establishing the Bakit series in the market and bringing it to success in only a few years: In line with the goal of a sustainable environment and human health, both innovations contain no solvents.

Parquet is one of the most popular floor coverings in Germany. Many builders get a piece of nature into their home with fine wooden floors. Kiesel Bauchemie already recognised this trend 30 years ago. At that time, the Bakit brand was taken over from the Bauder Company and since then has enriched the range of products offered by the Esslingen-based construction chemistry specialist. At the BAU 2017 in Munich, Kiesel will be presenting an optimised product range for the anniversary, which is dedicated to the professional installation and maintenance of parquet. A new, independent product overview summarises the data and facts regarding the application of Bakit products: All technical data are adapted to the special characteristics of the adhesion and the further handling of parquet floors. However, that is not all: Starting in January 2017, Kiesel will offer its customers on monthly bases this year, a selected product from the Bakit range as a "product of the month". In addition, Kiesel fulfils its principle of "one floor surface - one solution provider" and offers quarterly multi-part sets that allow a complete system set-up from a single source.

A special highlight of the current product range which will be presented in Munich, can be found in the solvent-free wood floor oil Bakit HO Plus, which is based on renewable resources. It offers the user new possibilities for initial care and can also be used with the Bakit oil hardener. Oil and dispersion harmonise almost perfectly in a unique interaction. In the area of PU adhesives, Kiesel is also proving to be innovative by introducing the new Bakit PU-1K adhesive, which is also particularly suitable for critical woods and parquet types. The one-component material is ideal for the parquet flooring: Nothing needs to be mixed and work can start immediately. And: Bakit PU-1K is far ahead of its time, because this adhesive comes completely without a solvent.

All shapes and sizes of parquet can be installed simply, cleanly and quickly using Kiesel products. The wide range of products makes Kiesel Bauchemie a pioneer in modern technology, ecology and sustainability: Even 30 years after the takeover of the brand, Kiesel is still bringing fresh air into the market with the Bakit product line, which has proved its worth.

Kiesel Bauchemie GmbH u. Co. KG is one of the technological leaders in the German construction chemistry industry. The product portfolio includes levelling compounds, dispersion adhesives for the installation of elastic and textile floor coverings. Materials for the installation of parquet as well as premium mortars for the installation of ceramic, large format and natural stone tiles. With the motto “Kiesel sticks to construction", the family company underpins its aspiration to be a reliable partner for the construction industry. Since 1959, its innovative and environmentally conscious products not only offer professional and specialised trade with thought-out and safe solutions, but also comprehensive technical service. Kiesel Bauchemie has a total of 160 employees. The headquarters of the company is Esslingen am Neckar near Stuttgart. The northeast German market is covered by a subsidiary in Tangermünde (Saxony-Anhalt). Subsidiaries in the Benelux countries, France, the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland as well as numerous consulting and sales centres in Europe (including Russia), Asia, North America and Oceania provide for an international presence.