16.01.2017 14:51 Age: 2 yrs
An indispensable helper for the expert - Interactive reference book: The natural stone library of Kiesel

Munich/Esslingen. The owners of iPhones and iPads have something to look forward to: A Kiesel application (app) for IOS systems from versions 9.3 are available free of charge in the Apple store, offering probably the most comprehensive information about natural stone. This is mainly aimed at tile and natural stone installers as well as for specialist dealers. But also planners, architects, builders and interested installers who want to know more about the matter will appreciate the expert knowledge about the different types of stone. Of the 600 natural stone variants currently available in Germany, just under 200 (that is about one third) are currently contained in Kiesel’s natural stone library. Its great advantage: In order to get sound background information including installation recommendations on the touch screen, each type can be searched for under its trade name as well as under its correct petrographic name.

From experts and for experts. This is the motto of the new Kiesel natural stone library, which the construction chemistry specialist has modernised as a smartphone and tablet app. In this way, users can always call up the most important information on the installation and the background of exclusive natural stone coverings - whether in the office, on the construction site or in the natural stone exhibition, where they can provide the interested builders with the desired information on the material. For the effective consultation of the library, the user only needs to know basic data, such as the trade name, the colour or the relevant petrographic name of the natural stone. Starting with this information, the app, designed as a broad reference book, guides the user as fast as possible: In this way, the user first gets to the basic knowledge about the requested stone (varieties, trade name, description) and then, by scrolling downwards one gets to the extensive and partly very detailed expert advice and tips. Therefore, the new library is sure to offer a comprehensive range of services for specialist craftsmen who install natural stone surfaces, which they will soon no longer have to miss in their daily work.

In order to provide the user with a better overview, the data of the 200 natural stone variants which have so far been included in the dataset are broken down into 19 rock groups, such as marble, limestone or granite. Among these categories are the trade names under which the respective stone is available on the market. Numerous illustrations (about 100 stones are photographed) facilitate identification of the stones and at the same time act as a pattern for the structure and characteristics of the plates. Further levels of the Kiesel natural stone library provide concrete instructions for processing and present the suitable Kiesel products. With a few clicks, the tile and natural stone installer can move from the bare stone to the optimal system set-up. Through the combination of the Kiesel natural stone library and the general Kiesel App, interested parties can easily access the complete know-how of Kiesel, thus successfully managing every task.

The practical multimedia assistant from Kiesel has already been available for several weeks in the Apple Store for iOS devices from version 9.3. In early 2017 the construction chemistry specialist is launching an app on Android. At the same time, updates are planned for both systems, which extend the scope of the natural stone library and gradually increase the stock of stones described therein.


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